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Kozarov Lawyers is a Law firm based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Geelong and Ballarat. 

Kozarov Lawyers are experienced in Intervention Order matters and all matters involving Family Violence.

  • Threats

  • Physical

  • Psychological abuse

  • Economic abuse

  • Damage to property or threats to damage property

  • Harm to pets and Behaviour that is coercive or controlling which puts a family member in fear for their own or another’s safety and wellbeing

  • Exposing children to family violence is itself – family violence

If you or children have been victims of family violence Kozarov Lawyers will provide appropriate advice and representation.

Dependent upon your particular circumstances it may be that you seek the protection of a Family Violence Intervention Order in the Magistrates Court  of Victoria.

If you need legal advice regarding any of these matters please contact us on 
03 9229 3829 or 1300 208 838 or email us on

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