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Legal Aid

Kozarov Lawyers are a Family Law firm based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Geelong and Ballarat. 

Family Law

We are trusted family lawyers for private clients and those eligible for Victorian Legal Aid funding assistance.

Our status as a preferred provider of Victoria Legal Aid reflects our strong Family Law reputation and experience.

What is Legal Aid?

Legal Aid is a Government initiative which provides certain people who cannot afford a lawyer with grants of legal assistance.

As a member of Legal Aid Victoria’s Section 29A Panel, Kozarov Lawyers may be able to provide you with partially or fully funded legal services.

Who is eligible for Legal Aid?

Legal Aid is designed for those who would not otherwise be able to pay for a lawyer to assist or represent them with their legal matter.

The means test assesses your income, assets, and expenses to determine your eligibility. There are also additional considerations which our office can discuss with you. 

The Legal Aid Application Process

By answering just a few questions, we can help you to determine your eligibility for Legal Aid.

However, it’s important to remember that as a Government-run initiative, criteria and acceptance are not up to us. We simply provide quality legal services to those in need.

If you need legal advice regarding any of these matters please contact us on 03 9229 3829 or 1300 208 838 or email us on

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