Kozarov Lawyers is a Law firm based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD and now at Geelong. 

Kozarov Lawyers offer advice and representation to both Applicants and Respondents in AVO’s (Apprehended Violence Orders) and IVO’s (Intervention Order Applications) before the Magistrates’ Court and IVO appeals before the County Court.

If you breach the conditions of an Intervention Order it is a criminal offence. You can be charged by the police- this may lead to a finding of guilt and in turn a criminal record.

There are two types of  Intervention Orders:

Family Violence Intervention Order:

These orders are designed to protect/prevent family violence against a family member.

Personal Safety Intervention Order:

These orders are designed to protect/prevent violence from someone other than a family member (for example friends or neighbours).


If you have been charged with breaching an intervention order, you should call our office today to seek advice from one of our lawyers by calling Kozarov Lawyers on 03 8639 5888 or 1300 208 838 or email us on


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