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The impact of Intervention Orders on family law matters and the potential implications of breaching a Family Violence Order

An Intervention Order is made by a Magistrate where the Court is satisfied that it is necessary to ensure the safety of an affected family member. It is an unfortunate reality that there is often a correlation between the breakdown of a relationship and a spike in family violence incidents.


Family Violence Intervention Orders FVIO’s, deal with the protection of family members, partners, ex-partners and children from domestic violence. They can have a significant impact on Family Law proceedings as they may indicate that there is a risk to the child, which can affect parenting arrangements.


The Courts regard family violence as violent, threatening or other behavior by a person against a member of their family.


If you or someone you know are in this position, Kozarov Lawyers can assist you, as there are a number of exceptions to conditions that may be ordered by the courts. For example, communication might be permitted but only via SMS or email, on the basis that no family violence is committed. These exceptions can assist parties to resolve their parenting and/or property issues.  


If you are a respondent that breaches the conditions of an IVO or Family Violence Safety Notice, the police can charge you with a criminal offence.


Zagi Kozarov and the team are experienced Intervention Order lawyers who are able to defend applications for FV orders or breaches for IVO’s. We can also assist you in applying for IVO’s to protect family members from Family Violence.


Ms Kozarov and the team  can provide legal representation in Court for applicants, respondent’s and accused persons charged with breaches of Intervention Orders.


For more information regarding Intervention Orders, Family Law, and the criminal implications of breaches of Intervention  Orders contact Kozarov Lawyers on (03) 9929 3829.

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